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Boozeless Bars: A New Way to Socialize Sober

group meets at sober bar

There’s a positive trend on the horizon and it’s a direct reaction to America’s omnipresent alcohol culture. Boozeless bars are officially in business and for people in recovery, it’s a healthy alternative to regular nightlife options. Nationwide, alcohol-free bars are popping up as a way of crafting lively entertainment spaces without the negatives that can come with alcohol and the potential it creates for risky behavior, hangovers, and DUIs.  Alcohol-free spaces provide the opportunity to meet people and socialize with zero peer pressure to imbibe, meeting a need that has long existed not only for the recovery community but for any adult who makes the personal choice to abstain. In addition, the introduction of the concept of the non-alcoholic party space has migrated to concerts where increasing numbers of substance-free zones are popping up, providing more opportunities to have fun sober. Alcohol is implicated in around 90,000 deaths each year, at a cost of nearly $250 billion, according to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington. Tragically, almost one-half of all murders are alcohol-related. Studies show that alcohol abuse is linked to cirrhosis, anxiety, depression, heart disease, dementia, and cancers including those of the liver, breast, mouth, throat, and colon. With all of the negative risks and side effects that continue to be discovered, more than just those in recovery wish to avoid alcohol. Many make the choice to live sober even if they don’t battle a substance use disorder, wishing instead to maintain a lifestyle of physical and mental health that alcohol does not fit into.  No matter the reason someone chooses to avoid alcohol, being in an environment where people are drinking is often undesirable. Whether avoiding the temptation that being around it can be or low tolerance for the behavior of others while intoxicated, the traditional bar scene often isn’t a fun social experience for someone who is sober.  Sans Bar in Austin, Texas, is one of the first and best alcohol-free party zones in the U.S. Their mission is to, “To provide a safe and sober environment for people to have fun while promoting personal and social wellness.” The forward-thinking business has held pop-up events around the country where the mocktail drinking crowd tends to lean toward female patrons from all across the sobriety spectrum. Keeping in line with the alcohol-free theme, numerous other events, like dry reading groups, are growing in popularity. Events and spaces like these seek to create a sense of positive camaraderie and socialization we all crave, without the negative side effects. Arbor Behavioral Healthcare is here to help you throughout your recovery journey. We can help you be a healthier version of yourself. Call us today at 844-413-2690. We can’t wait to speak with you and help you today!