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Art Therapy for Addicts

addicts participate in art therapy

Art therapy for addicts is a type of therapy which can assist in achieving long term sobriety. This particular treatment helps the addict identify the importance of nonverbal communication while at the same time assisting addicts in learning to express emotions correctly. The way art therapy is designed is a therapist will give the addict a topic to draw, paint or create any type of artwork. Through this assignment, art helps the addict in exploring feelings or emotions that are blocked because of pain or emotional trauma. Art therapy is a powerful way to for an addict to feel emotions as well as thoughts as opposed to abusing drugs or alcohol. The tools taught through art therapy will help the addict confront raw emotions and communicate exactly how they feel without loss of control. Reentering society as a sober individual will be a new experience for addicts who successfully learn to express their feelings. Art therapy also aids in teaching an addict to be able to adapt to stressful situations as the situations are encountered.