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90 Day Intensive Residential Treatment

Some addictions seem to be more persistent than others, and certain substances clearly have a more insidious – and often dangerous – physical severity of withdrawal symptoms. In these kinds of circumstances 90 day intensive residential treatment in a professional medical facility is often the best choice, to avoid permanent physical damage. One class of drugs for which this is true is the opioids. These drugs may be street drugs, used recreationally, like heroin, or legally prescribed analgesics, like Vicodin® that are used to treat an injury. Both are equally addictive, and of course many street opioids started their life cycle as a legal painkiller. These were probably originally prescribed to someone other than the end user. Addicts who are opioid dependent may experience severe physical and mental distress if they do not continue to use opioids. The pain of withdrawal can be so acute and relentless that it is nearly impossible to break this cycle of addiction without help. It is important that addicts with this kind of addiction seek professional medical treatment in order to begin a successful recovery.