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Accountability is one of the biggest issues that drug users must face at some point during their addiction. For every action, there is a reaction and a consequence. Facing the wrongs that you have committed is part of overcoming an addiction. It is very hard to face the people whom you have hurt during the course of your drug addiction; however, it is a necessary evil. Before you can begin to make strides to overcome your addiction and begin the path to a sober life, you must realize the damage that your drug addiction has caused. Only after you have faced your family, friends and loved ones can you begin healing yourself. Oftentimes a person who falls off the wagon and back into drug addiction does so because the reality of the situation is not clear. If you are not able to confront those you have hurt in a face to face manner, you can still take accountability by writing letters or having a phone conversation. Once you have addressed the problems your drug addiction has caused, you can begin the path of healing yourself.