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Addiction as a Family Disease

It’s pretty common for people to think that drug abuse is an individual’s problem. However, you would be wrong.  The illnesses of drug or alcohol addiction affect the addict’s entire family.  Thus it is important to see addiction as a family disease. Therapists recognize this fact. Whether the addict is the child or the parent, the negative impact of addiction are the same. Addictions either tear families apart or solidify the bond. The way the family and professionals treat addiction determine whether the family grows closer or further apart.

Treating Addiction as a family disease

Addiction therapists work with families every day; and teach the families how to deal with an addiction as a unit. Interventions are planned, then held. The importance of family support is stressed. If the family comes together as a unit, the chances of overcoming addiction increase. Oftentimes, it is not unusual for family members to turn their backs on the family member who is battling an addiction.  This tears the family apart and can make lifetime sobriety harder to maintain. The clinical team at Arbor Behavioral Healthcare recognizes that the family needs its own support to heal, as well as to support the recovering addict.  A robust family program has been developed to meet the needs of the family. Learn more about our Family Program.