Fall is often a favorite holiday, with so many festivities going on.

For those of us in addiction recovery, however, this season may bring up

bad feelings whether it be due to the fact of so many people “celebrating” with

alcohol, or even due to family ties being cut; if a person in recovery becomes

too upset over certain aspects of their life around this season, relapse could

be right around the corner. While it may seem as though there’s a never-ending

list of things a person can do while using substances, there’s equally

a long list of fun sober-filled activities that you can engage yourself in this

fall season. In fact, with these activities, you’ll be fully there to enjoy and

remember it – making this season the best yet:

Celebrate sober – who says that in order to celebrate

Fall, you have to drink? With Halloween coming up, you could even host a sober

Halloween party. Invite your peers and recovery leaders from treatment, or see

if you can host a Halloween event at Avalon Malibu if you’re currently seeking

treatment. In doing this, everyone will be aware of what’s expected – no drinks,

all the fun.

Do something spookyevery Fall, there’s bound to be countless haunted tours in old

mansions or abandoned hospitals. Gather up a group of friends from your recovery

and learn all about spooky facts looming right around your area.

Relax at a Bonfirebonfires are more about s’mores than they are about using drugs or

drinking. Scary stories, alcohol-free apple cider, food, sober games and more

can all be a great time to relax and spend time with people who celebrate your

recovery with you.

Go Adventuredo some

research and see if there are any fun exploration adventures you can attend

with others. Oftentimes, small groups will meet up and go out kayaking.

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