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Young Adults Face Unique Challenges in Recovery

young man speaks with counselor about addiction recovery

A few years ago, the Chicago Tribune covered the story of a young man – 24 years old, to be exact – who dropped out of college to receive treatment for heroin addiction. His entire world was thrown upside down; his parents didn’t trust him, and he had to create a new set of friends because the ones he currently had liked to use drugs. He stated, “Basically, I’m alone, lost, afraid and I have no identity, and a lot of my feelings are negative and my coping strategy is gone so I have no way to deal.” This young man, David Cohen, has now become stronger with 18 years of recovery under his belt – but he had to start somewhere. Young adults are faced with incredibly unique pressures at this stage in their lives, such as experiencing the pressure to succeed, struggling with motivation and self-identity, coping with all the responsibilities that come with adulthood and more. A 2015 study published in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment collected information from 486 college students and found that at this age, young adults may struggle with abusing multiple substances – which could lead them to criminal involvement, periods of homelessness, mental health concerns and others. As a 2016 publication indicates, young adults (ages 18-25) carry a very large social burden as they’re more than twice as likely than adolescents or older adults to be diagnosed with substance use disorders (SUDs). For young adults, personalized treatment is incredibly important so their unique needs are met. At this age of trying to figure out where one belongs, support and compassion is needed. A variety of therapy approaches can be used, and a number of holistic activities such as yoga, meditation, equine therapy and more can help young adults regain that balance and connection that they may have strayed from as they’ve tried to navigate this newfound freedom.

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