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Why Does Self-Talk Matter?

woman works on positive self-talk

How you talk to yourself matters because it is otherworldly powerful. Your thoughts impact and drive your behaviors. A lot of what we say to ourselves during the day is unconscious. It’s a good practice to start thinking more about how our thoughts can impact our behaviors. If we are constantly ragging on ourselves and talking down to ourselves, our behaviors will start to reflect a negative self-image. This cycle is very powerful. Continue reading to learn more about why self-talk matters and how you can change your self-talk to be more positive.

Why Is Self-Talk so Crucial?

Self-talk is important. It drives many of our behaviors, sometimes unconsciously. This is an especially important thing to control during your recovery from using a substance. For example, you may be struggling to control your urges for alcohol or drugs after you’ve avoided it for so long. You may begin to talk down to yourself, saying that you “should be better by now.” This negative self-talk can make you spiral, leading you to move backward in your recovery. You may even relapse after thinking “what’s the point of not using.” These compulsive thoughts have the ability to make or break your recovery. It isn’t all bad news, though. You have the power to change the way you talk to yourself. Once you are able to notice your negative thought patterns, you can figure out how they are impacting your daily life. Then you’ll be able to create space between your thoughts and you so that you can put an end to your negative thinking.

You Are Not Your Thoughts

Psychology Now’s Alison Morgan says that you have the power over your thoughts. She says that there is an inside story and an outside story. The inside story, Morgan says, is the subconscious story. This story drives your behavior without you realizing it. Your brain is wired to avoid discomfort, pain, and failure. Thus, your subconscious story will push you in the direction of the things that suit you. It doesn’t always know what’s best, however, especially in the space of recovery. Morgan urges that you consciously push yourself in the direction of things that will help you grow. These things may be uncomfortable at first, but it’s important to push through the discomfort and do the things that are best for you and your recovery. To do this, you must have goals in mind. Make your inside story the outside story. Make a conscious effort to keep moving forward. Self-talk helps you stay sober.

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