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What is Cytisine and Can it Help Me Quit Smoking?

man tries to quit smoking

Quitting smoking is not an easy thing to do no matter how long a person has smoked. Many smokers want to quit but find it challenging. A drug called Cytisine could be important for quitting. It helps people quit smoking more than any nicotine-replacement therapy. It leaves quitters with less temptation as well. Learn more about Cytisine and how it may help you quit smoking.

Kick the Habit

Cytisine is a plant-derived alkaloid that naturally occurs in some members of the Leguminosae family of plants. Cytisine is structurally similar to nicotine and acts as a partial agonist. Cytisine is thought to aid smoking cessation by reducing severity of withdrawal symptoms and reducing the reward and satisfaction associated with smoking. The amount of dopamine released following cytisine administration is approximately 40% of that when nicotine is administered.

Seeking Help

There is no one best way to quit smoking. There is a combination of therapies that seems to be effective. Until cytisine is available in the United States, smokers have an array of drugs and therapies to try which may help support their recovery from addiction:

  • Counseling with medication: speaking with a counselor and getting medication may be a great combination for some people
  • Side effects: none for counseling but medications depends on the type
  • Chantix is available by prescription as a nicotine-free pill that stimulates receptors in the brain
  • Nausea, dreaming shifts, constipation, gas and vomiting are some side effects
  • Patches, gum, lozenges, nasal spray, and inhalers offer a low dose of nicotine for weaning off cigarettes
  • Bupropion is used for some as an antidepressant but can be effective for smoking cessation

The important thing to be aware of is also the co-occurring addictions that may happen like drinking and smoking. Both may be happening at the same time so should be treated at the same time. It can be difficult to admit the need for help with addiction but it is necessary to heal and recover.

Arbor Behavioral Healthcare knows that lifetime sobriety, health, and wellness, are completely possible. Each of our treatment programs offer the opportunity for holistic healing utilizing an integrative approach for the recovery of mind, body, and spirit. You can recover. You will recover. Call us today for more information: 844-560-7269