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Rural Areas and Substance Abuse – A Different Set of Risks

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Substance abuse has been long associated with inner city areas, low income neighborhoods, and urban communities. While substance abuse is still an issue in this areas, it is no longer contained within big cities with high populations. Rural areas are also susceptible to the infiltration of illegal drugs and abuse of alcohol and prescription drugs. Drug and alcohol abuse are increasingly prevalent in rural areas throughout the United States. Specifically, adults in rural communities have a higher probability of issues with alcohol abuse, methamphetamine use, and even heroin use. Prescription drug addiction is also increasing in popularity in rural communities everywhere. Some explain this new interest in drugs as a way to deal with an unparallelled boredom found in some rural communities. Others claim this increase in illicit drug use is due to the lack of police presence in these areas. Whatever the reason, the problem can’t be ignored. One of the biggest issues with addiction in rural communities is the lack of resources for treatment. In metropolitan areas there are generally a multitude of options for recovery and assistance during treatment. Due to a larger, more concentrated population, the resources tend to be more readily available. In rural communities, there are, by definition, fewer people and that often means the recovery resources are limited. Regardless of geographical location, there are recovery options. You don’t have to live with addiction. Rural areas have access to medical facilities which often provide recovery services. There is also a myriad of recovery opportunities available online, if there isn’t anything located conveniently near you. Another issue more prominent in rural communities is the typical negative stigma associated with a recovering addict. While this is often true in all types of communities, it is a common problem for rural inhabitants. In small towns, the feeling of everyone knows everyone can be a large weight to carry. Don’t let the fear of what other people will think or say about you be a deterrent. Get the help you need now.

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