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What Can Being More Selective With Technology Do for Me?

man uses phone and computer

“Waking up in the morning should be a gentle process,” says Christine Liu, author of “Plug in to Reality” for In The Moment magazine. She explains that “it’s all too easy to make your phone the center of your world.” This is often the case when people wake up and reach for their phone first thing in the morning. If your eyes pop open and the first thought in your mind is to reach for your phone, you should probably think about how you can rely on technology a little less. “Being selective with technology can actually make us feel more connected,” says Liu. Sound unlikely? Check out how cutting the cord can leave you feeling a bit more plugged in to life.

The power of technology

Of course, technology is an integral part of our world. Much of our work and school revolves around technology. We are always attached to the internet, and we are continually connected with others through social media. This isn’t necessarily a good thing, though. Liu questions if technology is really making our lives better. “The convenience of a smartphone is in being able to quickly reference an email or find a new place to eat, and, without our phones, it may feel unnatural to navigate our day to day lives as society has developed alongside technology,” says Liu. “Even our ability to think critically and focus has been crippled as we are often turning our heads towards screens instead of the outside world.” The outside world needs us, however, and we need it, too. We must be able to sever the relationship between ourselves and our technology. We must be able to connect in other ways. It may be difficult, but we can do it!

Technology as a tool

“Though we are promised a better life at the push of a button, it’s important to remember that technology was never intended to take away our lives, but to be a tool,” reminds Liu. We must be selective with how often we are attached to our devices. If you are relying too heavily on technology, it isn’t so much of a tool anymore as it is a crutch. No crutch is a good thing, which is why we must focus on technology as a tool. 

Unplug for success

We understand that technology is a part of your daily life. Like we said, much of work and school relies on technology. To help you be more selective with technology, we recommend starting out by scheduling technology-free time. It doesn’t have to be excessive, but you can start with 30 minutes a day. Practice a hobby or create something new during this time. These things can be beneficial for your recovery. Another thing to do is connect with others during your technology-free time. This gives you face-to-face interaction that is free from devices that suck our time away from what’s in front of us.

Arbor Behavioral Healthcare knows that being selective with technology can be difficult. We’re here to help. Call us today at 844-413-2690 to learn more about the programs we offer for your recovery. We can’t wait to hear from you!