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What are Whip-Its?

man uses vape

Whip Its, sometimes called whippits or whippets, are inhalants made of nitrous oxide that are typically disbursed from a whipped cream can.  Nitrous oxide, sometimes called laughing gas, is used to turn cream into whipped cream as well as to ease anxiety and relieve pain for dental patients.  The use of Whip-Its as a recreational drug to get high and achieve euphoric effects is popular among many teens and young adults. Whipped cream is easy to access, and the high is intense and relatively short-lived.  While the use of Whip-Its may seem outwardly harmless, nitrous oxide can be dangerous when abused. Using nitrous oxide outside a medical setting, even in small dosages, could cause you to lose consciousness.  The most immediate risk associated with passing out is that the user may hurt themselves or hit their head when falling down.  Whip-Its may also cause vomiting, which can lead to choking if the user becomes unconscious and is lying on their back. The most common cause of fatalities as a result of nitrous oxide abuse occurs when a user begins inhaling the gas through a mask and passes out while wearing it.  This causes the individual to completely lose access to oxygen and essentially suffocate.   In addition to teens and young adults, professionals that work around large quantities of nitrous oxide are also vulnerable to developing an abusive habit.  Prolonged use of the gas can cause a severe vitamin deficiency that can affect the spinal cord and lead to permanently stiff limbs and grogginess. Anyone experiencing adverse health effects they believe might be related to the use of nitrous oxide should seek medical care immediately.  Additionally, abusing nitrous oxide is often a sign of a larger issue, and may require professional intervention and mental health treatment to quit.

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