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Warning Signs You Should Know

woman struggles with warning signs of addiction

  It’s important to watch those around us who may be struggling. We all have a responsibility to help those we love when they are struggling. They may not realize that they are struggling, but if you know the warning signs, you can help. The warning signs you should know may not always be obvious, but they’re important to know so you can keep your eyes open for them. The sooner you get someone help, the sooner they can get on the road to recovery. Watch for these five warning signs if you think someone you love is struggling.

Changes in Mood

If you see someone you love and their moods are fluctuating, they may be struggling with a mental illness or substance use. Don’t just throw these warning signs aside as someone being moody. Changes in mood can be one of the first signs that someone is struggling. They may be extremely happy, extremely sad, or have moods that are unpredictable. Something may be wrong, so keep your eyes open for changes in mood.

Isolation or Avoidance

If someone you love is struggling with being around people they normally enjoy, they might be avoiding their loved ones and isolating themselves. People who used to lift their spirits may not be seeing them anymore. If you’re seeing less and less of your loved ones, check on them. They may be skipping usual meetings and not answering your texts. Watch for this and check up on your loved ones.

Changes in Sleep

If you see a loved one that is sleeping very little or sleeping way too might, this may be a sign of mental health or substance use problems. Keep in mind the changes in sleep that may be occurring. Your loved one may need a little extra care if this is happening frequently.

Substance Use

If someone is using substances more than normal, this is a big warning sign. They may be using to self-medicate for those changes in mood or help them get through changes in sleep. They may also be using during isolation periods. Watch out for changes in substance use. This is a huge warning sign.

Suicidal Thoughts

If someone you love has mentioned hurting themselves or dying by suicide, get them immediate help. Don’t want until it’s too late.

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