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The Role of Distraction In Recovery

group enjoys road trip

It may seem simplistic, but one of the most essential skills in a successful recovery is focus. The flip side to this coin is distraction, and distraction isn’t always a bad thing. This is yet another case of perspective. When in recovery, the ability to focus on the positive aspects of your life is essential. When we focus on the negatives and pay attention to the things that don’t seem beneficial at the time, we often miss the moments that give meaning to our lives. The expression that says what you focus on expands is highly relevant in recovery. Focus on your physical well-being and consistently remind yourself that your sobriety allows your body to function at its highest level and that you can reach new levels of fitness, strength, and overall health in recovery. Psychologically, your sobriety allows you to be the best version of you. Addiction damages you in many ways, and your heart and soul are among them. Allow yourself to focus on your emotional well-being, and you will likely experience personal growth you couldn’t even imagine when weighed down by addiction. The role of distraction in recovery is a vital one. When things aren’t going as planned, sometimes a little distraction allows your mind some time to accept the situation and ponder potential responses that might alleviate the pressure. When you find yourself facing temptation or encounter a trigger, take a deep breath and make sure you are present. Stay in the moment, acknowledge the trigger, and recognize that the choice is yours. Choose sobriety and find a distraction. Go for a run, sing a song, or call a trusted friend. Allow your mind to wander away from the situation and move on with your life once again. In this way, distraction can be a critical ally in the fight against addiction. Arbor Behavioral Healthcare knows that lifetime sobriety, health, and wellness, are completely possible. Each of our treatment programs offer the opportunity for holistic healing utilizing an integrative approach for the recovery of mind, body, and spirit. You can recover. You will recover. Call us today for more information: 844-560-7269