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The Many Benefits of Equine Therapy for Those in Addiction Recovery

woman participates in euqine-assisted therapy

Therapy is one of the most foundational components of addiction recovery, and it’s a space that provides people with the chance to work through some of their deepest thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. For many people, however, therapy isn’t always the easiest place to heal from the pain; equine therapy has become a truly transformational experience because, alonside traditional forms of therapy and other recovery-related activities, equine therapy allows clients to open up to an entirely new world – by building a connection with horses.

With equine therapy, individuals don’t have to feel judged. They can spend time with an animal who is open to being cared for, and this opens many peoples’ hearts during such a vulnerable time. In 2016, researchers published a study in the journal Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment which suggested that equine therapy is more than just a simple “break” from daily treatment routines – it serves several other beautiful benefits, too.

1.     It gives people a change of focus. Through grooming, riding, and cleaning up after horses, a person is able to take their mind off the direct topic of addiction recovery.

2.     It’s an activity that gets those in recovery moving. The very act of movement can help release the stress hormone cortisol, which helps bring back focus to the present moment.

3.     It helps a person discover more of their identity. As the study indicated, those in recovery found equine therapy to help them construct a more positive sense of self – one that is useful, responsible and accepted.

4.     Motivation is enhanced as a person is in a safe space. A stable environment provides those in recovery with enough safety and space to become excited about their goals for the future.

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