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The Five Rules Of Recovery

two men celebrate addiction recovery

Recovery is a tricky thing. There really isn’t any way to “complete” recovery. It’s a journey that never really ends. Unfortunately, relapses can happen. You might relapse but get back on track rather quickly. Other times, a slip up may detail you. Arbor Behavioral Healthcare wants to help you reduce your relapses as much as possible and keep you on the path to recovery. We know, however, that no one is perfect and we’re here to help you anyways.   

The Five Rules of Recovery (National Institute of Health)

In recovery from a substance use disorder, one must stay away from the substance completely. You may be sober for months, or even years, but you can still slip up and relapse. This is why you must never get too comfortable in your recovery. You may need to ask for an extra layer of support here and there so that you do not have a relapse. If you’re struggling, remember the coping skills that you’ve learned. It can also help to keep in mind the National Institute of Health’s (NIH) Five Rules of Recovery: (1) change your life, (2) be completely honest, (3) ask for help, (4) practice self-care, and (5) don’t bend the rules. These five rules can help keep you on track in your recovery.   

  1. Change Your Life

You might think that just not using is enough to keep you in recovery. This isn’t enough. You must change your whole outlook on life. It is helpful at first to make your life revolve around sobriety and recovery. This impacts everything from your thoughts and actions to who you socialize with. Take this chance to change your life.  

  1. Be Completely Honest

You probably got used to lying when you were using substances. This must change. You cannot lie, or bend the truth, with others or even yourself. To keep on the path to recovery, you must be honest. Take this chance to start being honest.   

  1. Ask for Help

Asking for help is okay! You cannot do it all on your own. Sobriety and recovery is difficult, even with the help of others. You can ask for help from those who love you or even go to meetings. Take this chance to ask for help.  

  1. Practice Self-Care

Self-care can be difficult to implement, but it’s a necessity in your recovery. Practicing self-care means putting aside your ego and the things that revolve around an addiction. Self-care isn’t selfish. Take this chance to practice self-care.  

  1. Don’t Bend the Rules

Bending the rules means that you aren’t being true to yourself. This isn’t okay. You cannot go as far as you can without crossing the line. At that point, you’ve already crossed the line. This makes your recovery more difficult than it has to be. Take this time to set the rules and stick to them.  

Arbor Behavioral Healthcare is here to help you throughout your recovery. We know it’s hard. We’re here to help. Follow these five rules and your life will change. Call us today at 844-413-2690. We can’t wait to help you.