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Substance Abuse Among Adolescent Mothers

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Substance abuse among adolescents is a persistent problem in the US, and often leads to life-changing consequences.  For teenage girls who experience underage pregnancy, the stress and unique challenges of adolescent motherhood can contribute to substance abuse issues.  Studies show that adolescent mothers are more likely to have been using drugs and alcohol before their pregnancies than other teen girls, and many continue to use substances throughout their pregnancies. Unfortunately, this combination often creates additional mental health issues, and can lead to poor outcomes for the infant if there is no behavioral intervention for the mother.

Increased Risk of Complications

Drug and alcohol use during pregnancy often results in serious complications and health risks for the unborn baby, including a heightened risk of miscarriage and stillbirth.  For those teen mothers that were using drugs and alcohol prior to pregnancy, but choose to abstain during pregnancy, research shows that most will return to substance abuse within six months of birth.  Adolescence is an especially risky time to abuse substances, as an addiction will make the transition to adulthood fraught with obstacles and volatility. When you consider the added stress of caring for a small child, substance abuse as an adolescent mother seems to be the ultimate recipe for disaster.

It’s Never Too Early to Evaluate Your Relationship with Substances

Along with the observation that teen mothers are more likely to use drugs and alcohol than their childless counterparts, research also points to deteriorating mental health for adolescent moms that abuse substances.  This combination has been linked to low self-esteem, depression, and poor academic performance. Adolescent mothers are also more likely to have experienced neglect or abuse in their childhood, which may also contribute to addiction later in life.  Substance use during and after pregnancy in the teenage years is often followed by addiction in adulthood. By finding the right support as soon as possible, adolescent mothers with addictions can prevent a lifetime battle with substance abuse, and ensure a promising future for their child.  

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