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Can Giving Up Alcohol Improve Your Social Life?

group of friends enjoy sober night out

One of the most common fears of newly sober people is that their social life will fall apart without alcohol.  While it is true that sobriety makes socializing a different experience, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Here are three ways your social life will benefit from giving up the booze.

You Will Meet New People

Drinking often keeps you stuck in the same environments and social circles that support your habit.  As a culture, we organize entire events and businesses with drinking as the main event. After you quit, you will be forced to go outside your comfort zone to try new activities that don’t involve alcohol, and there you will meet other people looking to do the same thing.

You Will Lose Fake Friends

Heavy drinkers tend to spend time around other heavy drinkers because it makes them feel better about their own problematic relationship with alcohol.  When you give up drinking, you may find that you and some of the people you called friends no longer have anything in common. Letting go of people who don’t have your best interest at heart is a part of growth and maturity, and will open you up to better quality relationships.  

You Will Be More Genuinely You

Alcohol is very commonly used as a social lubricant, and you might feel that without it you are awkward and clumsy what it comes to small talk and meeting new people.  To some extent, this might be true. But what is also true is that almost everyone feels the same way, and alcohol only keeps us from getting to know each other, awkwardness and all.  It may take some adjusting to fully accept who you are without alcohol, and make your peace with your still-evolving social skills. The great part is that you will be able to connect with people who have seen the real you and share your energy, and those connections will be more genuine than any friendships formed under the influence of alcohol.

Choosing sobriety is an opportunity to expand and improve every aspect of your life.  If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, now is the time to reach out for help.  At Arbor Behavioral Healthcare, you will meet knowledgeable, compassionate professionals that understand addiction in all its forms.  The Arbor uses an integrative and holistic approach to treat addiction and mental health issues. No treatment is one-size-fits-all, and at The Arbor, you will have a team of experts prepared to create your customized treatment plan.  We offer care for your mind, body, and spirit so that you can heal from the inside out and look forward to a lifetime of sobriety and wellness. If you are ready to take the first step in your recovery, please call us at 844-413-2690.