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Stopping Negative Thoughts

family discusses stopping negative thoughts

Negative thoughts plague everyone from time to time, but some people deal with more negative thoughts than others. It can be hard to remain calm when it feels like a tornado of negative thoughts is flying through your head. There are ways, however, to help clear your head and stop those negative thoughts from taking over your life. These steps aren’t difficult, but they’re effective. Continue reading to learn more about how you can stop those pesky, negative thoughts.

  1. Write Down the Negative Thoughts You’re Aware Of.

Try to make a conscious effort to notice the thoughts running through your head. Once you’ve paid a bit more attention to them, write them down. Getting the thoughts out on paper helps you to name the thoughts you’re having and assess them. Give the thought a name and try to figure out where this thought originated from. “Is it something you’ve created after a certain experience or difficulty, or is it something someone close to you has passed on? Asks Jo Besseker Barr, author of “How to clear your head” for Wellness Journal magazine. By asking yourself this question, you are trying to make sense of why you’re having the thought. Then, see if the thought is justified. Most of the time, negative thoughts aren’t justified. Figuring this out will help you to stop these thoughts. 

  1. Find the Positives.

Once you’ve identified the thought, you must find something positive about the situation. There’s always at least one positive. Try to find it. It may be as simple as knowing that you are safe or loved. “Imagine you’re one of your good friends; someone who’s always there for you and cares about you,” tells Barr. “What would you say to yourself if you were them?” Would you be negative and tell them to give in to the thought? Probably not. You’d help your friend find the positive in the situation. You’d encourage them and be there for them. Remind yourself to do the same. 

  1. Replace Your Negative Thought With a Healthy One. 

Reframing the situation and creating a new thought is a great way of stopping the negative thought you’re having. If your negative thought is: “I’m never going to finish this difficult task,” reframe that thought by saying that you’ll tackle the task one small part at a time until you complete it. Use your toolbox of healthy coping skills to reframe your thoughts. This is a huge way of stopping negative thoughts.   

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