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Signs of Addiction

Person dealing with signs of addiction

Addiction is a disease that takes over the entire life of the affected individual. This is why it is important for people to understand the signs of addiction and to educate themselves about the many types of treatment available. Once someone discovers that a friend or family member is abusing drugs, alcohol, or some other substance, they must do everything in their power to help them find the support and assistance they need to safely and effectively begin addiction treatment to reclaim their lives and begin the healing process on their road to recovery. Call 844.413.2690 to speak with someone from The Arbor Behavioral Healthcare’s knowledgeable and compassionate team about addiction signs and our addiction treatment programs in Texas.

Why Is Addiction Treatment Necessary?

Addiction to narcotics, alcohol, and other substances—and even the other destructive behaviors that develop with it—affects millions of people all over the world. The life of someone struggling with addiction is literally at stake if they don’t seek treatment to overcome the issue.

The more someone persists in engaging in addictive habits, the more that person’s life becomes structured around obtaining and using their substance of choice. Many destroy their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health in the process of pursuing their addictions. Some unwanted health consequences of addiction include:

  • Diagnosable mental health issues
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Increased risk for diseases, such as HIV/AIDS or hepatitis C
  • Digestive issues
  • Severely compromised immune system
  • Organ failure

Addiction also wrecks the home lives and economic stability of people struggling with it, too—as well as those of their close friends and family members. Once someone suffers from addiction, physiological and psychological changes can occur that make it nearly impossible for them to stop using and walk away from their destructive behaviors, even when they desperately want to do so. Professional help is the only way to break through these obstacles and begin recovering from addiction.

What Can Complicate Addiction Treatment?

Complicating the treatment of addiction is the fact that many sufferers also have other mental health issues and physical health concerns that can complicate the diagnosis and treatment of their addictions. For example, seeking addiction treatment may often lead to a dual diagnosis of addiction and another mental health conditions, such as:

  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Borderline personality disorder (BPD)
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder

If someone is diagnosed with a dual diagnosis, addiction treatment must be tailored to their unique needs. This can only be done by professional staff members who specialize in the field of dual diagnosis treatment. This is why everyone needs to become as knowledgeable and informed as possible about the signs of addiction as well as the various types of treatment available so that they can make the best decision possible when deciding on a treatment plan and drug rehab facility.

What Are the Signs of Addiction?

Signs of addiction vary based on the addictive substance and the length of time and intensity that the substance has been used. Some symptoms of drug abuse include the following:

  • Mood swings
  • Inability to finish projects or complete tasks
  • Unreliability
  • Lying and stealing
  • Isolation and withdrawal from once favored friends or activities
  • Changes in appearance or appetite
  • Neglecting hygiene
  • Glassy-eyed appearance or uneven pupils
  • Flushed skin
  • Tremors

While the reasons why people begin using a particular substance or behavior to cope with their lives are different—and some of the types of physiological and psychological effects are also different—addiction can strike anyone regardless of gender, age, social standing, education, race, religion, cultural background or financial prosperity. Addiction truly is a disease that knows no limits when it comes to choosing its victims.

Find Addiction Treatment in Texas at The Arbor Behavioral Healthcare

If you or someone you care about displays signs of addiction, The Arbor Behavioral Healthcare in Texas is here to provide the best possible care and treatment. Contact The Arbor today at 844.413.2690 to learn more about addiction signs and how we can help you or your loved one get back on track.