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Setting Daily Intentions

man works on setting daily intentions

How you spend the first moments of your day is important. Some may even call them sacred. The intentions that you set first thing in the morning have the power to make or break your day. By setting positive intentions in the morning, you are setting yourself up for a successful day. Mallika Chopra is a doctor and writer, and the daughter of renowned author and alternative medicine advocate Deepak Chopra. She suggests that asking yourself three questions in the morning help to set the tone for the day. Although they may seem simple, she says, they are beneficial. Read on below for more details about these three questions.

Feeling Healthy

Making sure your health and wellness is a priority is something you should be doing every day. Ask yourself, what will make me feel healthy today? You should be including intentions for exercise, diet, and sleep. Setting the tone in these areas ensures that you will help yourself feel healthier and happier. You don’t have to make an intention for all three things every day. Today, choose one area to focus on and set an intention for that area.

Feeling Connected

Making sure you’re in tune with yourself and those around you is important. Ask yourself, what will make me feel connected today? Nurture your healthy relationships with your friends and family. Do something small that will bring you joy. A connection is necessary for a healthy and happy life. Set your intention for the day today.

Sense of Purpose

You want to feel like you’ve accomplished something when your head hits your pillow in the evening. Ask yourself, what will give me a sense of purpose today? You don’t have to set the intention of completing a huge task, but make sure you accomplish something small each day that will bring you a bit of happiness. Helping others is a great way to feel a sense of accomplishment and gets your mind off of your struggles. Set the intention of finding purpose in your day today.  

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