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Residential Treatment Centers in Texas

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There is little question that substance abuse and other addiction rates are rising again in the United Sates. Thus there is a growing need for effective treatment options for this growing problem. Those with serious addiction issues or who also suffer from mental health disorders will benefit from one of the man fine residential treatment centers in Texas.

What types of addictions can be helped in a residential treatment center?

In addition to alcohol, many drugs are also at risk for addiction. Powerful opiates such as Fentanyl, morphine, Oxycontin or heroin require intensive recovery support such as that offered in residential treatment. Others become addicted to methamphetamine, cocaine, inhalants, alcohol, or dependent on cannabis. Individuals may be addicted to more than one substance. Complicating matters, many who suffer from addiction also suffer from mental health disorders such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) and other mental illness. Individuals who suffer from co-occurring addiction and mental health disorders suffer from a dual diagnosis. These individuals need a treatment center that can work to stabilize and heal both disorders. A program that only addresses half the problem will be less effective.

Every addict is an individual

Residential treatment programs vary considerably. The degree of illness and addiction is as varied as are individuals. Many different types of treatment and facilities are available to help sufferers. Every major city in Texas offers a variety of addiction treatment centers. So much choice can make it difficult to choose a good program. Those considered as offering inpatient hospitalization are equipped with medical, psychiatric, and addiction professionals to meet the need of residents.  More important than the center is how well a program is customized to meet the need of the sufferer.

Hope for change

Often times, those who abuse drugs become so enslaved to their drug use that they lose hope of ever being able to break free. They long to live a normal life with a home and family and friends that truly care for them. Some give up and resign themselves to their fate. Continuous drug use causes physiological and psychological changes that damage every organ in the user’s body. Most addiction sufferers find it almost impossible for  to quit using without professional help and support.

A wide variety of types of treatment

There are many different types of treatment programs. A variety of centers and facilities that can help the individual learn how to begin to live a life free of drugs and alcohol or other addictions. Residential treatment programs for addiction vary in the type and level of support they offer. Programs can vary from 2 weeks to 90 days or longer. The types of therapies and level of supportive care can vary as well. The first step is to help the addict get to a place where they can let down their walls so that feel secure enough to admit that they have a problem and that they need help. Once an addict admits that they need help, it is important to “strike will the iron is hot” and secure enrollment in an appropriate addiction treatment program. The three main components of addiction treatment are detox, counseling and aftercare, and each of these components employs a wide variety of therapies to help the addict be successful.

Residential Treatment is a strong “first step”

Many benefit from beginning their sobriety in a residential treatment center where 24/7 supervision and professional support is available. Residency allows the sufferer to focus on healing and learning how to live without drugs and alcohol. They learn to look within and develop new coping skills free from the negative influences and stress everyday life brings. While in residency, an aftercare plan will be developed to maintain sobriety support for as long as required.

Residential treatment  centers  Texas

If you live in Texas, you may choose to recover within the state. Some addiction suffers prefer to put more distance between their “new” life and their old. Either way there is an excellent selection of both top-tier and more affordable residential addiction treatment centers in Texas. The Texas Hill Country – Austin and surrounding areas, are beautiful places to visit and offer a relaxing environment to focus on healing. Contact us today for more information. If you need some help determining what type of addiction treatment program is best for you or your loved one, give us a call.