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Morning Anxiety

man deals with morning anxiety

It is one thing to wake up in the morning and have a reason not to get out of bed like not wanting to go to school, to work, to cook everyone breakfast, clean the house, etc. Having morning anxiety, on the other hand, is facing intense nervousness when you wake up for no apparent reason. By understanding how morning anxiety works, the better you will be able to change your routine to reduce your anxiety symptoms. You know you have morning anxiety if your cortisol levels are higher than usual when you first wake up. You may already have anxiety and start off your mornings with a cup of coffee. Caffeine can make us jittery and increase our heart rate which makes it easier for our brains to come up with reasons why we must be feeling anxious. You may also be having a sugary breakfast whether it is a smoothie bowl or cereal high in sugar. If blood sugar levels drop, your anxiety will feel worse. Your blood sugar is also naturally low in the morning since you did not eat since dinner. The more you start your day overly stressed, your cortisol levels will increase. You can minimize your morning anxiety by managing your generalized anxiety disorder. Continue to take your prescribed medication, exercising regularly, and eat a balanced diet. You should also cut out or reduce caffeine and sugar from your morning diet. Eat breakfast foods that are rich in protein and healthy fats that will not significantly affect your blood sugar levels like eggs, green smoothie, or drinking tea instead. You can also start the day by taking deep, slow breaths to calm your mind and body. If you are experiencing an anxious thought, do not try to avoid it but acknowledge it and let it pass you.  Another thing you can do is keep a journal by your nightstand or on your bed that you can write in when you first wake up. Once you write down your worries, they are out of your mind and you can get on through the rest of your day. You should also make a to-do list before you go to bed of what you can get done for the next day to avoid stress in the morning. By changing your routine around, you will be in better control of your anxiety at the start of your day.

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