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What Are Sober Bars?

group of women meet at sober bar

Socializing and meeting up with friends at a bar is a familiar ritual for millions of Americans. Except that for anyone in recovery, such an atmosphere can be more stressful and pressure-filled than fun and enjoyable. It can also be a risk not worth taking if it means the possibility of relapse to harmful behavior. But you don’t have to be in recovery to prefer not to submerge yourself in a boozy environment. Wanting to avoid a hangover and possibly a DUI, unwelcome mood changes, physical ailments and everything else that comes with excessive alcohol use is a no-brainer. That’s why alcohol-free venues, also known as sober bars, are rising in popularity in the U.S. And they’re not just for those in recovery, these spaces are for anyone seeking a healthy alternative that also happens to come with fun entertainment and plenty of conviviality. Yes, it’s possible to enjoy a party scene with all the trappings of a night out, just without the alcohol! Think virgin cocktails, free-trade coffees, fruit shakes and tea lattes and you get the picture. Cherokee Recovery Village in Texas is one such place. It’s run by Paul French, a recovering addict, and a licensed chemical dependency counselor. French and many others like him think that sober bars can be key supports for individuals in recovery as the venues provide a supportive yet festive atmosphere where the drinks are healthy and the partying is safe and sane. So-called sober bars also are a smart choice for people in 12-Step programs who want to catch up in places outside of a meeting. “People need connection once they start a recovery program,” French said. Sober bars can also be a stepping stone for those who anticipate the possibility of being in a drinking establishment at some point down the road. In this case, the sober bar serves as a neutral practice ground where the pattern of ordering non-alcoholic drinks is the new normal.

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