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Medical Aspects of Admitting to an Addiction Treatment Center

[su_spoiler title=”View Transcripts of This Video” open=”0″ style=”1″] I want to talk to you about the medical aspects of an admission here at The Arbor. When you or a loved one is admitted to The Arbor, the first thing that happens is you’re greeted by one of our admissions specialists, who takes a few minutes to describe our program to you, and have you fill out some paperwork. And as soon as that’s finished, you then meet with one of our nurses, who does a nursing assessment and takes a history of your alcohol or drug use. Once that’s completed, then we talk about maybe some of the other aspects of your physical stay, any medical problems you have, and any kind of medications you’re taking. We then move into some of the emotional issues that you’ve brought with you or maybe possibly you have some legal issues. We just take basically a brief history, at which point then we introduce you to one of our techs and you’re assigned what we call a “buddy”. The “buddy” is a client who is also in the treatment center here but has been here a little bit longer and can help you and describe to you what goes on here from a client perspective, which is really important. We then take your information and we call our medical director. It may be determined that you need to be in detox and so, given that information, he will give us some orders so that you’re made to feel comfortable while you’re here and that you’re medically stabilized. We make sure that not only are you comfortable but that you’re safe and that’s real important here at The Arbor, is that you’re safe all the way through your detox process. If you don’t need detox, then we still have orders that we put in place for you so that you’re comfortable and so that if things come up like a headache or a stomach ache that we have stuff that we can supply for you so that you, again, are comfortable and safe. All throughout the process, there’s always a nurse here so that if you have any kind of medical issues, we can address those promptly and appropriately. In closing, I would just like to say that we are always here to take care of you and we look forward to doing that. We’d like to help you. [/su_spoiler]