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Is There an Art to Quitting?

woman quits her job

Quitting is usually thought of as a bad thing. However, when you are in recovery, you are working on quitting substance use for good. Even though you may not realize it, there is an art to quitting the substances that you have relied upon for so long. In this instance, quitting shouldn’t always be seen as a bad thing. Let us explain.

Is “Quitters Never Win” True?

We’ve all heard the phrase “quitters never win.” But, is that really true? Many of us delay quitting something for the fear of looking bad or weak. We think that we have to white-knuckle our way through something we don’t like just because we have to. Here’s the thing: you don’t have to follow through or finish something that feels like torture or doesn’t bring you joy. This can be anything from reading a book that you don’t like or a job you hate. Whatever it is, if it’s not bettering you, you don’t have to continue with it.

Being a Warrior to a Fault

Humans are warriors. We have been taught to fight until the end and endure everything we’ve started because that’s just the way we do things. This just shouldn’t be the case. Your life is too short to waste time and energy on things that do not serve you. We have a limited source of time and energy, so why are we wasting it on things we hate and things that don’t bring us joy?

Recovery Serves You

Even though it might be difficult, recovery is something that truly serves you. This isn’t a time-waster or energy-sucker. This isn’t something that you do that does not serve you. It may not bring you the short-term joy you’re looking for, but there is long-term joy in quitting using substances. Recovery makes you a better person.

There Is an Art to Quitting

If you want to quit using substances, you’ve got to get real with yourself. You’re going to have to work hard. It might be overwhelming at first. But, it’s worth it. Once you’re in a good place of recovery, you’re going to ride the flow. Things won’t be this hard forever. The next facet of quitting is reminding yourself that you are doing this for you. If you are doing something for anyone other than yourself, it’s not serving you and you should not continue doing it. If you aren’t in recovery for yourself, you probably aren’t going to last very long. You’ve got to have the motivation that comes from within.

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