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Can I Have It All?

woman practices gratefulness

Can I have it all? That’s a question you might be asking yourself in your recovery. Can I be sober all of the time except when I want to have a drink or two with friends? That’s another thing that may be on your mind. Here’s the truth: if you want to really, truly be in recovery and sober from substance use, you cannot possibly have it all.

Recovery Isn’t Perfect

No matter how hard you try, perfection is unattainable. You might craft a life on social media and to others that make it seem like you have it all figured out, but no one really does. The more authentic you portray yourself, the better you’re going to feel. Recovery is going to be messy, but it’s going to be worth it.

Recovery Can Be Messy

If you are following others on social media who are in recovery, it’s important to remember that even though their feed is perfectly portrayed, they struggle too. No one has it all figured out. They definitely don’t have it all, either. Your recovery is going to be messy. You’re going to work hard and do your best, but you might not get the results you’re looking for immediately. The important thing to remember when recovery gets messy is that you have to practice self-compassion. Self-compassion is about being kind to yourself, recognizing that you aren’t alone, and awareness without judgment. Being kind to yourself is a relatively simple concept. Treat yourself with kindness, like how you would treat your friend or a loved one. It’s important to be real with yourself, but not unnecessarily harsh. Next, you’re going to want to make sure you realize that you are not alone. This is where talking to friends who are in the same position and being in support groups can really help you. The less alone you feel, the better you’re going to feel. Lastly, you want to have awareness without judgment. Being aware of your thoughts and feelings about recovery is important, but you have to make sure you aren’t judging these thoughts and feelings. Self-compassion is about radical acceptance.

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