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Myths About Happiness

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Happiness is something that almost everyone feels like they have the secret to. From eating better, to exercise, to increased sleep, these things can all benefit your mental health. There are also common misconceptions when it comes to happiness. These are things we’ve all heard, but are they really true? Arbor Behavioral Healthcare is here to find out. Keep reading for more information.

Myth #1: Money Can’t Buy Happiness

This is probably one of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to happiness. We’ve all heard it, but it’s not necessarily true. Unfortunately, people living below the poverty line have higher rates of depression, anxiety, and substance use than those who do not have to constantly worry about money. Those who do not have basic needs, such as food, water, shelter, and clothing, aren’t going to have the levels of happiness that other people do. So, money can really buy happiness for people living in certain conditions.

Myth #2: Happy People Live Longer Than Unhappy People

Happiness, studies have shown, does not really prolong someone’s life. As long as someone is healthy, their levels of happiness do not necessarily impact their life’s longevity. A positive outlook can’t hurt, but it isn’t going to make you live longer than those who are suffering from depression.

Myth #3: Pursuing Happiness Brings True Joy

Some people put so much emphasis on pursuing happiness that it stresses them out more than if they just let things flow naturally. This increased stress about being happy can bring more loneliness and isolation. So, don’t try so hard to pursue happiness. Let it come to you.

Myth #4: Having More Choices in Life Makes Us Happier

Being overloaded by the choices you have in front of you is a common situation in today’s society. Having the choice of certain things can actually stress you out, make you indecisive, and ultimately unhappy. Paring down can actually help you be happier.

Myth #5: People With More Social Media “Friends” Are Happier Than Those Not on Social Media

This is another big misconception. Social media has its good things, but there are many flaws. One large flaw of social media is that people are often comparing their worst days, often what they don’t post on social media, to the best days of others and what they actually post on social media. Happiness and less stress come from taking periodic breaks from social media when necessary. Your happiness is not related to how many “friends” you have.

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