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Is My Childhood Trauma Still Haunting Me? 

man struggles with childhood trauma

You may be wondering why it is that you are still struggling to let people who love you in or why you are still experiencing the same panic attacks as when you were a child. It could be related to the traumatic experiences from childhood that you were never able to let go. By recognizing whether your mental health symptoms are from childhood trauma, you will know that it is important to receive mental health treatment to help yourself let go.

Feelings of Dissociation 

People who dissociate themselves from the world feel mentally disconnected from your own body. You chose not to feel anything as a form of self-protection as feelings can be too much for you. If flashbacks or scary feelings return, you feel like you need to cut off those feelings and tell yourself to forget because feeling nothing is better to you than feeling those negative feelings. The truth is that all you are doing is keeping your feelings hidden and finding it hard to trust others if you do not speak to anyone of what you are going through. 

Living With Secrets

Another reason you are suffering is because you have all of these terrifying secrets from your childhood that you are holding in. It is also possible that you did tell others, but they did not believe you or feel that what you went through was not important. This could be what is making you keep quiet. You were ashamed because you did not think that this was something that should bother you. All that you are doing by keeping your secrets inside of you is suffering internally. 

Getting Treatment

So, you may have had to put all of your feelings and memories aside as a way of self-protection. Your unconscious mind holds all of your buried feelings and memories. Having triggers of your memories means that they cannot be kept quiet and your mind will be helping them come up. Being triggered by your past trauma means that there is a traumatized child inside of you that wants to be heard. This child does not have a voice, no one to listen, or take seriously what happened to them. By going to therapy, this child has the opportunity to be heard. Getting treatment will give you the chance to tell your secrets, be taken seriously, and listened to by someone trained in childhood trauma.

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