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How Do I Find Hope When I Have Depression? 

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Depression can make it seem like there is no hope for things to get better for you. You feel like you can already see your future clear ahead of you and it does not look good. By controlling what is in your control as well as looking at what you have accomplished in your life so far, you will see that hope is not so hard to acquire when you try.

Drawing a Clear Path

You may feel like a failure because you are not any step closer towards your goal. The best thing you can do is write out what you have accomplished so far towards getting to your goal and what else needs to be done. If you are afraid that one of your steps will not work out, write out a backup plan so that you are prepared if it fails. Make sure to confide in someone to see if they can help you write out anymore steps that can help you get to your goal faster. The important thing is to remind yourself that you are trying.

Find Role Models

Think of someone who has overcome your struggles with depression. It can be a friend, neighbor, relative, celebrity, or anyone else you can think of. You can also look for inspiration through the Project Hope Exchange where you can listen of audio recordings of people talking about how they found hope in their struggles with depression, separated into different categories like addiction, cancer, eating disorders, life challenges, etc. There are many famous people opening up about their depression and talking about what brought them back to happiness. This will show you that you are not alone.

Turn to Faith

Faith can be a reliable companion when you feel like hope is lost. Your faith is trusting that there is a Higher Power that is looking after you. You can also talk to someone in your faith that will help you on your journey towards hope like a priest, rabbi, minister, or anyone else who can help you. Do not be afraid to ask questions and voice your concerns as it is the only way you will be able to get answers. Hope can be hard to come by when your depression will bring about negative thinking. Confiding in supportive people and looking at what you have accomplished will show you things will get better moving forward.

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