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Increase Your Confidence

man struggles with low confidence

Many people struggle with confidence. It’s human nature to be nervous around others and their judgment. People with Social Anxiety Disorder, however, fear other people’s perceptions, and it holds them back from opportunities and experiences they wish to participate in. Sarah Orme, author of “Rising in confidence” for In The Moment magazine, spoke about Kim-Joy Hewlett, a 2018 Great British Bake Off finalist who struggles with Social Anxiety Disorder. “As a teenager, Kim-Joy was so quiet that she barely spoke at all,” says Orme. If you relate to Kim-Joy, continue reading to find out more about how she has overcome her social anxiety through a hobby she loves. 

Worry upon worry

Maybe much like you, Kim-Joy was fearful of what other people thought of her. It got to the point where she didn’t want to leave her house because she then would have to interact with others, which scared her. If she had to interact with others, she would worry about what the other person thought of her. She would “dissect” what she said to the person and fear that she offended them by accident. Once she reached college, however, Kim-Joy began baking, which helped her social anxiety. “‘I didn’t think: I’m going to bake and make myself feel better. There wasn’t like a purposeful thing there, but I think it just gradually evolved, and I realized I’m going at this. I make this loaf of bread, and I give it to people, and they’re happy, and that’s quite rewarding. So, I baked more and more.’” Her baking helped her to interact with those around her, which helped break down her social anxiety. It didn’t completely go away, but what really does? Kim-Joy was able to find joy in something that helped her mental health. That’s what we’re all really looking for. 

Structure through rituals

Kim-Joy found that the ritual of baking for others gave her days structure, something she was lacking before. She found baking to be a mindful activity. She focused fully on the task at hand and lost herself in what she loved. She felt much calmer and less stressed when she was baking, she says. You can find the thing you love to do, too, that will help you feel less stressed while interacting with others. This will help your confidence, making you feel better. 

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