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How Family Members Can Support One Another in Recovery

family enjoys day at the park

Family members undergo a lot when a loved one is in recovery. In many cases, the family dynamic can be altered in ways that stress interactions between family members and push boundaries. In many instances, some family members may take on new responsibilities which take away from other aspects of their lives – such as much-needed personal time, hobbies, intimate relationships and more. Children may find that they’re more stressed or worried than usual as they try to ensure that a parent’s obligations are being met, despite their addiction. If your family is fighting to maintain a sense of homeostasis, you’re not alone – and thankfully, there are ways to help your family become stronger in recovery.

Several years ago, a woman shared her story of heartbreak with the New York Times on how her brother struggled with addiction. She stated,“He took the entire family on psychological roller coaster rides throughout his life. We never knew when the phone rang from then on if it was the end for him. Turns out, it took 28 more years of family torture.”

A 2017 study published in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment emphasized the very real truth that family members are often neglected when a loved one is struggling with addiction; during this time, family members can benefit from standing up for one another when it comes to healthy coping mechanisms, which family therapy often addresses very well. Examples of coping mechanisms can include:

·    Becoming more open to one another’s point of view

·    Scheduling time for family fun activities

·    Greater involvement in personal self-care (through eating and sleeping habits, exercise, etc.)

·    Discovering healthier ways to communicate with one another

·    Establishing a safe, “neutral” space to argue

·    And more

If your family is ready to become stronger than ever before, speak with a professional from The Arbor to get started on family therapy. It’s never too late to seek help.

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