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How Do I Talk to Insurance Companies About Treatment?

woman discusses addiction treatment with friend

The type of treatment and addiction centers vary when it comes to type of treatment, cost, and whether insurance will pay the bill. Though treatment may seem costly, most insurance policies include provisions that cover addiction treatment programs. For people who are uninsured, or do not have coverage through current insurance, a program that may pay in part or whole for the program may be available through the federal government or other organization. Finding ways to talk to insurance companies about treatment is key to finding the right place.

Questions to Consider

Figuring out scope of treatment ahead of time may help people anticipate incurring any additional costs. The following tips can help people speak to insurance providers, look over coverage, and determine what questions to ask regarding addiction treatment.

  • Know what insurance says and what type you have
  • Public insurance: provided by federal government including Medicare or Medicaid and is partially or completely paid for with government funds
  • Private insurance: paid for by you or your employer. Generally you enroll with your employer but may opt to enroll into private insurance and pay premium yourself
  • Identify what type of addiction will be treated. Talk to the provider about the type of addiction treatment needed to see what will be covered
  • Inpatient care: provided in a hospital or at a residential treatment center. Hospital-based programs offer more intensive therapies and around-the-clock medical services, monitoring, and supervision by medical professionals
  • Residential treatment centers: offer access to medical professionals and a variety of hospital-based services by arrangement
  • Outpatient care: let insurance know that treatment plans allow people to meet with doctors or therapists alone or in a group and is less intensive. It may be appropriate for more mild addictions or those with big responsibilities outside of treatment like work
  • Determine the duration of the treatment program, including all the demands of attending the various programs. Addiction impacts may facts of a person’s life and all of those needs to be addressed but be sure to speak with insurance to determine any limits that might be present in the plan as far as duration of treatment or length of stay

Conversations with insurance provider should be confidential. This information can help them but also help you. You can get information, answer questions, and know no matter what is discussed it will be kept in confidence.

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