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How Can I Slow Things Down?

man works on healthy coping strategies for slowing things down

Recovery isn’t always the most comfortable journey to be on. Often, things speed up, and we have a hard time dealing with them. You might begin to feel overwhelmed. “How do we learn to keep a clear head when we usually see red at the first signs of problems?” asks Annika Rose, author of “Slowing it down” for Wellness Journal magazine. “It takes time and a little bit of practice too.” When things begin to speed up and feel like a whirlwind, you must slow it down and create space between you and your thoughts. Remind yourself that you are not your thoughts. This practice requires focus and patience, tools you can learn by following the suggestions outlined below. 

Slow down

If overwhelming feelings are intruding in your life, you must learn how to create space. This requires both practice and patience. “When we step back and let things happen in their own time, we can enjoy an amazing sense of calm and relaxation.” Calm and relaxation come with time. You have to find a balance between working hard and letting things happen naturally. Going with the flow can have a positive influence, says Rose. “But it can also be hard to know when we need to slow down more.” It can be challenging to see the fine line between hard work and overdoing things. The more you practice, the easier it will become. 


“In the instant-access world we live in, it’s tricky to even imagine cultivating patience,” says Rose. “It seems boring and frustrating to have to wait for the outcome we want. However, the art of patience isn’t simply about waiting — it’s more about your attitude as you do so.” Your mindset is critical in helping you find the balance you need to slow things down. Patience is vital here. Nothing will fall into place all at once. Your recovery is like a 5,000 piece puzzle; it’s going to take a lot of time, patience, and hard work. It’s about the journey of putting the puzzle together, not just the end goal of completing it. 

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