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How Can I Help My Teen With Low Self-Esteem?

Teenagers often have a bad reputation, but the truth is that being a teenager is really hard, even without the added pressures of an often unkind world.  Family issues, hormonal factors, and social pressure can all contribute to a teen’s low self-esteem. Low self-esteem in teens can lead to mental health issues, substance abuse, and general unrest within the family.  Teens with low self-esteem tend to perform at a lower level academically, and be more likely to get into trouble. By supporting healthy self-esteem in your child, you will be setting them up for success and helping them to believe that they can overcome the challenges that life will inevitably send their way.  Self-esteem includes a variety of feelings and behaviors, but put simply, it means that you believe you are capable and worthy, and you are able to forgive yourself and move forward when you make a mistake or fail to meet a goal.  There are several reasons teens may face low self-esteem, including significant transitional periods, such as when they are faced with the loss of childhood or the impending responsibilities of adulthood. Body image issues, especially for girls, can cause serious loss of confidence and even lead to self-harm.  Teens may also strongly identify themselves with a certain activity, such as a sport or an academic standing, and feel a total collapse of self-worth when they fail to meet the standards they have set for themselves. The best way to encourage healthy self-esteem in your teen is to become a positive entity in their life.  What they hear from others, especially their caregivers, matters far more than they may let on. Teens that participate in a wide range of activities and hobbies are more likely to maintain their confidence even when one of those endeavors doesn’t work out, so encourage your child to try new things and learn new skills often.  You should also encourage them to surround themselves with friends that lift them up rather than put them down. If you feel your teen is in an emotionally or physically abusive relationship with a friend or romantic partner, it is important to intervene as soon as possible. Early intervention is also key if your teen is abusing drugs or alcohol, and can prevent a lifelong cycle of addiction that can result in a total loss of self-esteem.  

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