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Heroin Addiction

“Mom, Dad. I’ve got something to tell you.” You never guess that the words following that statement are a confession of a heroin addiction. Unfortunately, heroin is one of the toughest drug habits to break and one of the most expensive to have. Heroin addiction causes rapid weight loss as it suppresses your appetite and also causes extreme mood swings. Add that to the devastating withdrawal effects and it is no wonder that most addicts will fail at recovery. Documentaries have been made detailing the addiction and subsequent rehabilitation horror that addicts survive through. Another grim reality is that severe heroin addicts are apt to overdose as they chase the unattainable high. As your body adapts to the constant dosing of heroin, the high becomes harder to achieve. As a result, addicts up the dose which can result in overdosing and many times, death. Explaining the nature of the addiction after it has been confessed usually does no good. The best thing to do is to admit your child or loved one into an inpatient rehabilitation facility where they will be monitored regularly. Structured living after recovery is essential for well-being as is being removed from the source of the drugs.