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Drug Abuse and Addiction

Unfortunately drug abuse and addiction are rapidly growing problems in the United States and all over the world. One of the main obstacles to getting help for issues with drug abuse and addiction is pride. There is a great deal of social stigma attached with admitting one has addiction issues and this often prevents individuals from seeking the appropriate help to find treatment that will help them in their struggle with addiction. Often, the hardest part of entering treatment for anyone is overcoming self-denial and a false sense of pride and admitting that they have a problem that needs treatment. There is an old saying that says the hardest part of solving any problem is coming to the place where an individual can let go of their pride and self-delusions and admit that there is a problem. Indeed, the first step of treating alcoholism, drug abuse, or any other addiction for someone begins with that person admitting that they have a problem and that they are powerless to overcome this problem alone without help. Many who suffer from addiction have a great deal of shame and guilt for their actions so they convince themselves that they are still in control and can quit whenever they want to. This is simply not true as addictions have both physiological and psychological effects that make it nearly impossible for a user to fight the addiction on their own without a great deal of support, guidance and other help. There are numerous types of intervention services available to help addicts see that they need help. There are also many different types of treatment plans available and different types of centers and facilities that can help the individual learn how to begin to live a life free of drugs and alcohol or other addictions. The first step is to help the addict get to a place where they can let down their walls that they have created to protect themselves and feel secure enough to admit that they have a problem and that they need help. Once the addict admits that they have a problem with addiction and need help, the next step is helping them find the right treatment method that will best help them overcome their addiction. While some treatment methods for drug abuse and addiction focus on outpatient treatment in the form of counseling and group support, other forms of treatment are more structured and involve medically supervised detox in a specialized facility, and in patient treatment as a resident at a drug abuse and addiction treatment center. The common goal of all of these treatment methods is giving the addict the tools that they need to heal from the effects of drug abuse and addiction and to learn to deal with the causes behind their initial drug or substance use and then building support networks and coping skills to help prevent relapse so that the addict can achieve and maintain freedom from addiction. While fighting addiction is a tough and lifelong battle, it is possible with the right support and treatment.