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Don’t Be Afraid to Fail in Your Pursuit of Greatness

man meets with therapist to talk about fears of failure

It’s inevitable that each of us will struggle with self-confidence at some point in our lives. Oprah Winfrey doesn’t know everything but she knows a lot, especially about being confident enough to reach for her dreams. Her level of self-confidence has made her one of the most successful human beings on the planet. This is what Oprah has to say about confidence: “Think like a queen. A queen if not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.” It’s no coincidence that this force of nature has been nicknamed, “Queen of All Media”. Unlike Oprah, many of us wait to fling ourselves into the great wide world of success (and, yes, mistakes!) until we feel sure that we can’t fail. While it’s true that practice makes perfect, the only problem with waiting for the perfect moment is that it may never come. Do you have a goal you’ve been putting off? Instead of waiting until you have the confidence to act on your plan, think of a time when you did have the confidence to go for what you wanted.   Chances are, what you desired was something you wanted so much that you felt like you couldn’t fail. Having the confidence to act on our desires, to pursue our dreams, to open up about our fears, doesn’t guarantee success. But it does guarantee that you’ll be one step closer to getting what you want. If you trust your motives for growth, you’ll realize that failure is just another step along the path to success. There is no way that Oprah could have known in her younger years that she would become a global influencer and role model. She was born to a poor, single, teen mom in Mississippi. She has shared with the world that she was molested as a child, and became pregnant at age 14. Sadly, her son was a preemie and died in infancy. Yet her drive and confidence resulted in her landing a radio job when she was still in high school. By age 19, Oprah was co-anchoring the local evening news. From there she entered the world of local daytime talk shows and eventually rose to the heights of media executive, actress, producer, and philanthropist. The “Oprah Winfrey Show,” was the highest-rated program in that genre. Now, what are you going to do to be the queen or king of your world? As you move forward like a natural force of nature, know that while fear and doubt may whisper in your ear, your confidence is roaring and ready to help you reach for the crown!

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