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Does Alcohol Really Relieve Stress and Anxiety?

woman struggles with trauma

Many people sit down after a long, stressful day with a glass of wine hoping that it will help them unwind and relax. Soon, one glass turns to two, which turns to three. You build up a tolerance to the alcohol and think you need more and more to reach the desired effect. Unfortunately, this starts an endless and unhealthy routine. Let’s get to the bottom of whether alcohol really relieves stress and anxiety.


Instead of relieving stress and anxiety, alcohol really helps you avoid the problems you are trying to deal with. Think about why you are feeling stressed after a long day. Maybe you made a mistake at work and you are embarrassed and don’t want to think about the situation. Maybe you got a bad grade on a test and are upset with yourself. Maybe you spent so much time working so hard but still have a full to-do list to face tomorrow which is making you feel overwhelmed. Regardless of the situation, alcohol only helps you to avoid your problems. By using alcohol to mask the embarrassment, displeasure, and overwhelming feelings you have, you aren’t dealing with these feelings head-on. Tomorrow, you will have to return to work, school, and your daily life. You will have to think about these upsetting things. Alcohol just pushes it off until tomorrow.

Address the Actual Problem

Dealing with the root of your problem is the only way to really relieve stress and anxiety. You must find out why your mistake at work embarrassed you and how you can correct your mistake and learn from it so that you don’t make the same mistake again. You must look back on why you got a bad grade on your test and how you can prepare better next time. You must look at your to-do list and see if you can use time management skills more effectively so that you don’t end up feeling so overwhelmed tomorrow. Instead of helping you learn from your mistakes, alcohol creates further problems. The longer you wait to deal with your problems, the worse they will get.

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