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Do People Benefit From Sober Living Homes?

woman begins stay at sober living home

With so many types of support for addiction recovery, it can be challenging to pinpoint some of the benefits of each one – because although they all aim to provide guidance, different recovery platforms truly target different needs. Sober living homes, for example, are beautiful in providing those in recovery with a sense of community while chasing after their goals; if you’ve been working hard in a residential treatment program but are ready to transition to more independent living, sober living may be a great option for you. Several years ago, researchers published a study in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs outlining some of the immense benefits of sober living homes:

  •    12-Step meetings still take place, which reinforce addiction recovery goals and increase chances of abstinence
  •    Social support nearby helps mitigate some of the “bad days” that everyone has from time to time
  •    The living environment of sober living homes promotes accountability, which helps keep those in recovery responsible for maintaining it
  •    And more

Yet another study published in 2015 explored how much social support in sober living homes promotes a person’s journey to recovery; the authors found that many in this environment feel better understood by those around them – and this not only generates a better sense of community but also promotes a person’s growth in self-identity as well. The ability to recognize vulnerability in others, as well as to receive supportive confrontation, strengthens a person’s motivation for reaching towards their goals. Charlotte Bronte, English novelist and poet, once stated, “I avoid looking forward or backward, and try to keep looking upward.” Addiction recovery involves a lot of hope – because through all of the ups and downs, what’s most important is that we take the steps we need to follow our goals in life. We need to stay motivated and supported, and to never give up – and sober living homes can be beautiful transitions because they foster all of this.

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