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Dating Someone with Depression

man struggles with depression and dating

It can be hard dating someone who has depression as your mental health may be fine, but your partner is struggling to find happiness and prevent their negative thoughts. You may feel like you owe it to your partner to fix their depression instead of simply watching them suffer, but you cannot be responsible for fixing someone’s depression. The best thing that you can offer empathy, support, and love to show that you know they are struggling and you will help in any way they ask.

Keep a Balance

When someone is sick, we may give them a pill, take their temperature, make them soup, and let them rest until they get better. Depression is a more complex issue where it does not go away for long periods of time. If there is no quick solution to make someone’s depression disappear, that does not mean that you ignore your own needs to devote all of your time to your partner. It will only make you resent your partner in giving up your job and your social life. Try to put your needs first and still be there for your partner whenever they need anything. You cannot take care of anyone if you are not eating properly, getting enough sleep, exercising, or being able to have a social life.

Supporting Your Partner

The care that you may offer your partner may not be helpful towards them or well-received, which will make you drained and frustrated. Instead, offer support in a different way like being empathetic to your partner’s struggles and compassionate towards them. There is no point in trying to change how your partner feels as that will require the work of a mental health professional and medication. By being emotionally supportive, you are giving your partner everything that they are seeking from you. When your partner is at their lowest mood, remind them how much you care. Ask your partner what they find supportive such as giving a hug or holding them. Let them be the ones to tell you what to do.

Be Positive 

When things become hard, think about the positive things that you love about your partner and why it is important to stay in this relationship. Remember that depression is not all that your partner is. By giving your partner love, care, and support, you are doing your best to let your partner know that you care.

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