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Can a View of Nature Help You Fight Cravings?

woman practices yoga in nature

Everyone enjoys a great view, whether it be outside your home or from the balcony of a vacation rental.  Having beautiful scenery in the background of your life can lessen anxiety and elevate your mood. Recent research indicates benefits beyond the pleasant calming effect of a lush landscape, however, proving that proximity to green spaces may quell the severity of unhealthy cravings.  This information adds to existing knowledge regarding the positive mental health outcomes of exposure to a natural setting, and may help inform treatment center designs for those struggling with addiction.   Past research has looked at the various health benefits of nature, including the profound healing potential provided for those in addiction recovery.  One study found that physical activity in a natural environment could help reduce cravings for people with addictions, as well as for those attempting to improve their diets by avoiding certain foods.  While exercise has its own wide array of benefits, new research has found that simply being able to see plentiful plant life out your window can help keep cravings at bay. This knowledge has many implications for city planning from a public health perspective, and is also just one more reason to invest in the protection of our environment.   While being able to see the ocean or sprawling mountains from your window is a wonderful luxury, simply having access to a garden provides the craving-reducing benefits found in this study.  Many addiction recovery programs provide access to inpatient or sober-living facilities strategically built in natural settings. Those in recovery can also take proactive steps to prevent cravings by making time for nature walks and taking up outdoor hobbies such as gardening.  Changing your environment can have a profound impact on your ability to maintain sobriety and prevent relapse in early recovery.  

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