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Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

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Many who suffer from addiction to alcohol, drugs or some other substance or harmful behavior are also afflicted with addiction to other substances, behaviors or underlying mental illnesses. Because of the dramatic rise in seeing addicts with dual health concerns and since there is a need to diagnosis and treat any issues that may contribute to a particular addiction, there is a great need for addicts and their family members, friends and loved ones to be able to locate the best dual diagnosis treatment centers. Dual diagnosis is a term that is used to describe therapy for people who have both mental health issues in addition to addiction problems. Whenever feasible, it’s better to get help for addiction and mental health treatments from the same provider. Research shows that dual diagnosis sufferers have an enhanced, greater potential for success in their efforts to live addiction free whenever both disorders are treated by the exact same treatment team. If an addict has two or more concerns that affect his addiction, it can really be a deterrent to treatment to have to go to two different providers for care. If two or more providers are involved, it increases the chances of incompatible treatment plans being adopted, which can be both inconvenient and potentially dangerous to the welfare of the addict. The best dual diagnosis treatment methods are comprehensive in nature and scope and features synchronized, coordinated care of both illnesses. Treating individuals with co-occurring disorders generally requires a much greater level of care and treatment than the care and treatment that those who have only one addiction receive. Often times, the best Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers will provide individual and group counseling in addition to medications that treat the underlying and co-occurring mental illness or second addiction. In addition to requiring more creative and coordinated care, many addicts with dual diagnosis may need additional help in other areas, particularly if they are having issues learning the life skills that they need to live free of addiction they may also need help with job training and help finding a job, a place to stay, or even specially tailored family counseling or be taught money and relationship skills. The best dual diagnosis treatment centers will be certain to provide all of this extra care to help support the addict’s well-being and long term chances at becoming addiction free and remaining addiction free. Addicts that have been diagnosis with both mental illness and substance abuse usually improve at a slower rate than those who have only one addiction. Even though the treatment may progress more slowly in dual diagnosis addicts, it is important to not put off treatment for dual diagnosis. Ignoring an addict with dual disorders can end tragically, as these folks have a greater tendency for being homeless, physical violence and committing suicide when they do not receive the specialized care and treatment that is necessary to deal with both the addiction and the mental illness. Arbor Behavioral Healthcare offers customized treatment plans for all clients needing treatment for dual disorders. Find out why we’re different.