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Benefits of Residential Treatment

therapist shaking the hand of a young male client as she explains the benefits of residential treatment

There are many benefits of residential treatment, especially with a severe addiction. Residential care programs that are part of addiction rehab centers provide the most support of all the care program options. Residential care provides 24/7 monitoring and support by a professional therapeutic and medical team. This very structured approach sets clients up for success as they leave residential treatment and transition to outpatient care. Having a routine and coping tools that they can put into place in a phased way will serve them well as they eventually re-enter society on their own.

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Benefits of Residential Treatment

Each person’s addiction, treatment, and recovery journey is unique. It’s why individualized treatment plans are developed for each client at The Arbor, no matter the level of care. For substance use disorders that are severe, residential—or inpatient—treatment is generally recommended. If more flexibility is needed and the client can stick to a structured program without around-the-clock supervision, then a partial hospitalization program (PHP) or intensive outpatient program (IOP) may also be an option. Each client is thoroughly evaluated before treatment begins so that they enter the right level of treatment for their needs.

There are many benefits of residential care, including:

Structure & Security

Learning good habits to carry with you into life is easier when your treatment experience utilizes a disciplined and structured approach. Clients will be armed with the tools they need to succeed in long-term recovery.

Professional Supervision & Support

Having a caring and professional team fully oversee the start of your treatment journey provides the safest environment for recovery. 24/7 care ensures temptations are well managed without risk of relapse.

A Focus on Recovery

Without distractions from the outside world, recovery is the sole focus. Temptations are removed, and professionals work with you to build a toolbox of coping techniques to manage sobriety for life.

Personalized Care

Individual treatment plans are developed for each client to ensure that each client’s needs are fully met. What may work well for one person’s treatment and recovery may not work best for another.

What Is a Residential Care Program?

The Arbor offers various levels of care for clients depending on their needs. Residential care encompasses the most structured option for those with the most severe addictions. Outpatient programs are a step down from residential care and offer a more flexible way to transition from residential care to everyday life outside of rehab.

A residential treatment program is a safe environment that serves as a “home-away-from-home” while surrounded by a full support team. Structure and consistency are the cornerstones of a residential care program so that good habits are formed as clients transition to less structured and supervised care and support. The goal of treatment is to be able to manage recovery on one’s own, armed with tools and techniques to manage triggers along the way and avoid a relapse.

In addition to traditional inpatient and outpatient programs, The Arbor offers extended care, sober living, aftercare services, and alumni programming.

The Arbor – Find Relief with Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Starting Today

To make residential care a success, clients must be committed to the programming and the goal of long-term recovery. This requires focus and dedication, with a lot of support. Support comes from professionals, peers going through similar experiences, and family. Having a sober support network to lean on at any stage in the recovery process is critical to avoiding a relapse.

The treatment team at The Arbor has extensive experience helping people find their path to recovery. These caring and professional people are ready to answer any questions you have about residential treatment, so call 844.413.2690 today or reach out to The Arbor online.