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Be Gentle With Yourself

man accepts hard truths of life

We go through much of our lives on auto-pilot. It doesn’t help that today’s world is fast-paced and often critical. Whether it be with work, school, or family life, you are expected to do your job well and fast. If you don’t meet these often unrealistic standards, you’ll hear it from your boss, teacher, or family. However, our peers aren’t the only ones that are harsh on us. We are often our harshest critics. It’s important to remind ourselves that we deserve compassion and patience. That starts with ourselves. How can you be more gentle with yourself? Read on below for a few tips.

Don’t Rush Your Recovery

Part of wanting to be our best self means that we have expectations for ourselves. If we don’t meet these expectations quickly and correctly, we might end up disappointed with ourselves. When it comes to recovery, you might expect yourself to figure it out pretty fast. Unfortunately, you can’t rush your recovery. It takes time to find our footing in sobriety. Not everyone can wake up and decide that they are going to stop using and never look back. Just because you’ve fallen down a couple of times doesn’t mean that you are any less than your peer who has had an easier time with their recovery. Everyone’s journey is different, so it’s important to take the time you need to get your footing. Recovery is unique to your own experiences, so there’s no right way to do recovery. Slow down and loosen your expectations. You’ll figure it out.

Watch Your Self-Talk

Another thing that is important to be aware of in your recovery is your self-talk. How you talk to yourself matters. Do you find yourself motivating yourself often, or do you usually talk down to yourself? Motivating yourself can be a difficult task, but it’s important to watch the way you talk to yourself. Tearing yourself down for a small mistake doesn’t help anyone. Treat yourself with the kindness that you treat others with who are in a similar position. Be gentle with yourself.

Allow Positive Moments

Many people are so focused on their recovery that they don’t allow themselves positive moments. They think they must have their head down and have laser focus at all times. If you aren’t taking note of the beautiful things around you, you’re going to miss some great opportunities and connections. You are allowed to slow down and enjoy the positive moments that go along with recovery.

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