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Most people will experience some form or another of anxiety in their life. Whether it is starting a new job and wondering if you are qualified or being transferred to a new school as a child and wondering if anyone will like you, these are just a couple of examples that may trigger anxiety. Since each person has their own unique genetic makeup, they will react differently from one another when anxiety is brought on. One person may find that they cry a lot and are sensitive, while another will become lethargic and fall into a depression. Some of the noticeable signs can be an uncontrollable itch, pressure in the chest, weakness in the legs, twitches, muscle spasms, leg cramps, backache, and loss of color or redness in the face or an overall feeling of being exhausted. Anxiety can rule a person’s life if they allow it. Knowing how your body reacts to the pressures in life can help a person deal with and control anxiety.