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Affirmations at The Arbor

woman practices affirmations

“Words have the power to change how we think and feel about ourselves,” says Helen Martin, author of “Words to live by” for In The Moment magazine. Martin calls self-belief “empowering,” and she’s right! Your words have the power to build you up and create a sense of calm in your life. They also have the ability to tear you down, leaving you in a dark place. Don’t fight against yourself; use your words to heal you during your recovery. Continue reading to find out more about using affirmations.

Important reminders

Affirmations are “important reminders of our core strengths, beliefs, and values, like gentle nudges from a kind and encouraging friend,” says Martin. As we said, what we think has the power to impact how we feel. Ask yourself this question: would I be talking to a friend the way I’m talking to myself? If the answer is no, it might be time to rethink how you are speaking to yourself. Affirmations help you to speak with your true self. This is your self during recovery. “They are similar to mantras, often used in meditation or for the purpose of motivation,” says Martin. “They can be as simple as: ‘I choose joy.'” Select a mantra or affirmation for yourself that is uplifting and motivates you to stay on the right track during your recovery. You’ve got this!

Your inner monologue

“By internalizing these positive words, our internal monologue becomes loving,” explains Martin. “As a result, we feel we can trust our instincts, safe in the knowledge that we know who we are. We can follow our ambitious dreams with a solid foundation of hope and love.” Affirmations can be used to change the way you’re thinking. If a negative thought about recovery or your mental health pops into your head, try to replace it with a more positive affirmation. Instead of thinking, “I’m a failure,” use the phrase “I’m doing the best I can.” Repeating the positive affirmations helps to replace the negative one. This can help you press pause and change the pattern in your head. “Cycles of negative thought that can permeate our lives can be quieted with an affirmation’s steady words.” 

Arbor Behavioral Healthcare can help you craft an inner monologue that is healthy and promotes happiness. Call us today at 844-413-2690. We can’t wait to speak with you and help get you on the right path today!