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5 Surprising Signs of Benzo Addiction

Benzodiazepines—commonly called benzos—are prescription sedatives to treat anxiety, seizures, and panic attacks. Valium and Xanax are two of the most notable brand-name versions of the drug. While benzos can be highly beneficial for their prescribed use, they are also very addictive. Even when users take them as prescribed, a tolerance can develop with repeated use and cause people to take more of the drug to achieve the desired effect. This is how addiction sets in. Ridding yourself of the drug can be equally as dangerous, which is why a medically supervised drug rehab is recommended for a successful recovery from a drug addiction. If you see signs of benzo addiction in yourself or a loved one, contact the treatment team at The Arbor to learn more about benzo addiction treatment in Texas.

Signs of Benzo Addiction

Recognizing the signs of benzo addiction will better help you help someone you care about—or even yourself. Some of the signs may even be surprising, so if you see something you think is concerning, then say something and seek help.

Here are 5 signs of benzo addiction to be on the lookout for:

1. Out-of-the-Ordinary Prescription Refills

This could be everything from running out of the prescription before the refill date to “prescription shopping,” where people illegally secure multiple prescriptions from different doctors.

2. Personality Changes

If you notice some very uncharacteristic behavior, then be on alert. Drug use can cause people to avoid close friends and family, become secretive, experience frequent mood swings, and become angry or combative.

3. Physical Deterioration

Look for signs of slurred speech, blurry vision, chronic headaches, lack of balance, and poor personal hygiene.

4. Mental Health Issues

Extended drug use can cause everything from anxiety and depression to insomnia.

5. Withdrawal

Once someone stops using a potent drug they have been using for a long time, their body reacts harshly. This is called withdrawal. The body reacts to the absence of the drug in one’s system. Symptoms of withdrawal include muscle aches, cramps, sweating, seizes, and even unconsciousness.

Benzo Addiction Treatment in Texas

When seeking benzo addiction treatment, removing the drug from your system is the first step. For many with a severe addiction, a medically supervised detoxification may be needed to properly—and safely—manage withdrawal symptoms. This is one of the most significant benefits of receiving treatment at a treatment center. This way, withdrawal can be successfully navigated under the eye of a professional team.

Age can be a factor when it comes to the severity of withdrawal symptoms, especially as it relates to health complications. Addressing any co-occurring mental health disorders can also ensure a more successful benzo addiction recovery.

Once your body is completely free of substances, a personalized therapeutic treatment plan can be developed utilizing a variety of evidence-based and experiential therapies that treat the whole person. After graduating from a treatment program, aftercare is critical to ensuring less risk of relapse.

Call on The Arbor For Benzo Addiction Treatment

If you recognize the signs of benzo addiction in a loved one, then don’t delay in seeking help. You can help save someone’s life or your own. In low doses, as prescribed, benzos can be effective in treating anxiety, depression, and insomnia. But, in higher doses, it can cause severe respiratory issues and even death. A benzo addiction treatment program can address the short and long-term impacts of drug use. Contact The Arbor today to find out more about the support and guidance available as part of a structured treatment program.

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