Your recovery, health, and wellness are of supreme importance to the team at Arbor Behavioral Healthcare. We recognize that recovery and a lifetime of sobriety isn’t a “thing.” It’s a journey that a person travels for the remainder of their life. Each journey is unique to the individual.  A “one-size-fits-all” addiction treatment program fits no one. 
The core of our program is the concept of providing a Continuum of Care –  a wide range of alcohol and drug abuse treatment programs that singularly, and in combination, provide a customized treatment path that fits the individual.

All programs and individual treatment plans are under the management of Arbor Behavioral Healthcare’s clinical and medical staff. This continuity of information provides for a smooth transition throughout an individual’s path to life long sobriety. Our programs use both evidence-based and cutting edge therapies that support long-term sobriety and wellness. Our programs heal the mind, body, and spirit.

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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Programs

All integral components of the Continuum of Care. All Arbor programs take place in and around Austin, Texas.

Our admissions counselors work with each person to create a customized treatment plan.

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