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What is Minimalism?

woman researches minimalism

You may have heard of the minimalist movement online or seen versions of this lifestyle on television shows featuring people living in remarkably small houses.  While minimalism can be about reducing the size and quantity of material possessions, it is a much broader concept that can help improve many aspects of your life.  Minimalism points to our culture’s seeming endless need to consume—whether it be the consumption of things, relationships, or substances—and how this constant desire for more is holding many of us back from happiness and fulfillment.  You don’t necessarily have to declare yourself a minimalist to apply many of the concepts from this perspective to your own life and possibly improve your mental health in the process.  Many of us live with countless material possessions we don’t need, and still, we continue to buy more.  For some people, minimalism is about ending the cycle of materialism. This lifestyle shift has obvious financial benefits, but it can also help you to see what it is in your life that truly holds value for you. Getting rid of excess belongings can also help you to create literal and figurative space, and will help to foster a more peaceful home environment.  Holding on to material items that no longer serve a purpose or bring you joy might be a sign of underlying emotional pain. Adopting a minimalist mindset may allow you to address the wounds you were hiding behind materialism.

Trim the Fat, Clear the Clutter 

For other people, practicing minimalism might mean ridding yourself of behaviors and relationships that weigh you down and distract you from your authentic self.  People tend to reach for external sources to find happiness when they can no longer feel authentic joy. This might come in the form of a destructive relationship, a shopping compulsion, or a substance use disorder.  Becoming a minimalist-minded person means acknowledging your mental health struggles and accepting that no amount of consumption will bring you peace. By letting go of the things in your life that are holding you back, you can begin to experience true life satisfaction. 

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